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Myocardial Perfusion Scan

To rule out ischemia in the myocardium, to see the extent of the perfusion defect in the myocardium.

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  • CAD

  • For preoperative cardiac evaluation

  • Dysphonia on exertion

  • Chest pain for evaluation

Acquisition Parameter As Per NITS

  • Patient will be positioned under the gamma camera in supine position and the 3 lead electrodes will be fixed in appropriate place

  • The total angular range of the detector 180 degree, arc per detector 90 degree

  • The total no of views 60 (3 degree per view )

  • The matrix will be 64*64

  • The time per projection is 25 sec

  • The images will be processed by using  respective application, the post-acquisition images should be checked by appropriate quality control methods ( sonogram and visual check)

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